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design & planting

Whether you want to add a line of hedges along your front walkway or if you are looking for a complete landscaping reboot, there are landscaping design and installation professionals that can help you. Garden lawn care service also falls under the landscaping umbrella if you would like a bed of flowers to care for or a well placed spice garden.
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garden care

Sod Installation

When starting a lawn from scratch, sod installation can provide a lush green lawn very quickly. The alternative option is to lay down seed directly in the dirt and wait for it to grow, which is why one of the main appeals of sod is that there is very little waiting involved comparatively. 



typically use blowers and rakes to clear the leaves from the lawn and leave them on the curb for the city to pick up. If your city offers curbside leaf removal, it is recommended that you utilize it because it will save you money by choosing the more basic service. If your local municipality does not offer free leaf removal, you may want to consider getting a leaf removal service that will vacuum up your leaves and take them away after they clear your yard.

Hedge Trimming 

Some people like perfectly manicured hedges and others just trim them right before they start to look unwieldy. Most lawn care companies typically offer hedge pruning. If this interests you, make sure to map out specifics with the lawn care service company to be sure that their timing and pricing meet your needs. This is another yard service that is only needed a couple of times per year.


Perhaps the most basic of lawn maintenance jobs, mowing is also the most important when it comes to keeping the lawn looking nice for the neighbors and having a solid base for all other yard services. It is also one of the more affordable lawn care service options covered in this guide. When it comes to how often a lawn should be mowed, the focus should be on the length of the grass blades and not on any specific timeline. This is because if grass is cut too short, it can put stress on the lawn and weaken it.